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In the course of our work on the book we managed to collect many materials that we were unable to include in the published book. The reasons for that were manifold: we came across some of them too late; sometimes we did not have enough background information about them or we were uncertain of their origin. It is our belief that many more accounts and memorabilia connected with the 1938 events can still be found in Zbąszyń and elsewhere in the world.

We decided to create an on-line platform where everyone is welcome to share knowledge, photos, documents and memories of themselves or the people they know. We hope that the resources available in this archive will help you better understand that time.

We will be particularly grateful for any accounts from deportees who are still alive. Each day is crucial for saving the common Polish-Jewish history that has been scattered all over the world.

We call upon the young people to be active, to collect family memories, accounts and memorabilia. For older people, the Internet is an incomprehensible phenomenon, but the young may act as the middlemen.

The TRES foundation will do its best to ensure that the materials presented in the Open Archive are reliable. All the resources will have proper annotations. The registration system will facilitate content verification and commenting on the presented information.